Numeris Media CEO, Anne, believes in achieving the 'impossible'. In 2010, she devised and  launched a guerrilla marketing campaign for a Renewable Energy social enterprise, Solar Jooce,  in which she has interests. Solar Jooce had wanted to spread the word - in a big way, and to those at the base of the pyramid (BoP) - about the potentials of solar power. 

She convinced  Hertz Car Rental Nigeria to provide a vehicle with which Anne and the Solar Jooce CEO (Dave) traveled to all 36 states across Nigeria, in 17 straight days, to donate solar lanterns with phone charging capabilities to rural communities (Primary Healthcare centres, farmers) in every state. The project was a hit for both Solar Jooce and the rural recipients.

Two years later (2012), Anne and the Solar Jooce team returned - in collaboration with ACREST Cameroon, and sponsored by the British American Tobacco Foundation and Hertz - to train illiterate and semi-literate rural women to assemble solar units with light and phone charging functions. The results were phenomenal.

It is with this same spirit of creativity, dedication, collaboration - and achieving a lot with very little resources - that Numeris Media approaches and handles all of its projects, for clients big and small.


Welcome to a world of possibilities.