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Changing Lives: Waka Community International, Q-Life, HEI Partner for Walk of a Lifetime

Signature-signing ceremony between Waka Community International, Q-Life Family Clinic, and Health Emergency Initiative. In the line-up: Lorenz Mba (5th R) -Founder, Waka Community International; Dr Ade Alakija (4th R) - Chairman of LASHMA, and Director of Q-Life Family Clinic; Paschal Achunine (6th R) - Executive Director and BOT member of Health Emergency Initiative; Adeola Olatunde-Debowale of Q-Life (5th Left); Nnenna Nwokobia, a lawyer (2nd Right); Chika Nnadi of HEI (Right); Mrs Sotonye Erekosima-Briggs of Waka Community International (4th Left); Seyi Alakija (3rd Left); Dr Bukola Arowolo-Adeniyi of Q-Life (3rd Right)


Leading fitness, health and wellness platform, Waka Community International, has entered into a partnership with Q-Life Family Clinic and Health Emergency Initiative, in a collaboration that will see the three reputable organisations committing to building fitter, leaner, healthier and ultimately happier people through walking and eating right.

At a signing ceremony held in Lagos-Nigeria (on March 18, 2022), the partners announced that the first in a series of practical commitments would be a road walk tagged "Let's Waka with Q-Life and HEI" - scheduled for May 07, 2022

High points of the event will be:

  • A 5-kilometre walk starting from Lekki Peninsula Phase 1, looping to Ikoyi, and back to the start line;

  • A free First Responders demonstration of Basic CPR and First Aid by HEI, providing life-saving tips that are vital during emergencies; and

  • A health talk by Q-Life Family Clinic to round off the day’s activities.

Says Lorenz Mba (Founder, Waka Community International): "In addition to those who will be participating physically - employees of Q-Life and HEI, well-wishers, and the public - over 2000+ members of Waka Community International in Nigeria and across 25+ countries will be walking remotely in solidarity from wherever they are, and uploading their videos, photos and stats to our online platforms:

Facebook: @ Waka Community International,

YouTube: @ Waka Community International,

Twitter: @WakaCommunity

TikTok (by proxy): @canig innovative solutions

Instagram: @mbalorenzo

Mr. Mba adds: "People are encouraged to walk a minimum of 30 minutes daily, and to eat healthy, in controlled portions. Walking is the oldest and safest form of physical exercise, and is non-discriminatory on grounds of age, gender, level of physical fitness or location. It also has many benefits, such as helping maintain a healthy weight and lose unwanted and undesirable fat. In addition to improving cardiovascular fitness, being a mind and mood booster, walking helps prevent or manage various conditions including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and Type-2 diabetes.

The Waka Community-Q-Life-HEI collaboration is driven by a conviction that since a healthy Nigeria is a wealthy one, it becomes crucial to inform, educate and persuade anyone and everyone (the citizenry, residents of the country, and the world), that taking personal responsibility for their wellness, by walking and eating right, is non-negotiable.

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