And Lifebank builds a smart plant!

Delivering crucial medical supplies - think blood and oxygen - to hospitals across Africa, Lifebank is in the business of saving lives. Led by Temie Giwa-Tubosun, this SME just keeps innovating, all the time thinking of how to deliver faster, cheaper, and safer. Read about Lifebank's latest venture below, in the words of Temie herself.


Dear Friends & Colleagues,

We built a smart plant!

LifeBank is building a scalable tech driven supply chain business to transform healthcare across Africa. The launch of our first oxygen plant - AirCo by LifeBank in Orozo, Nasarawa State, Nigeria is another great milestone with this movement.

Some years ago, I read the story of Dr Rosemary Chukwudebelu, Head of Internal Medicine, Kogi State Specialist Hospital in Lokoja. She was one of the few highly specialized and experienced health workers who believed in Nigeria and stayed back to serve her people. She got ill in 2018, and died because the hospital where she worked and was treated could not find oxygen on time, when they eventually did, they couldn’t get the required tool to access the oxygen.

"AirCo is a smart plant and it has the capacity to produce 700 m3 of oxygen every single day using a predictive production system that improves precision. This is the first of it’s kind and we are just getting started".

In fact, Pre-covid, 625,000 Nigerians lose their lives annually due to lack of access to oxygen supply.

For me and the entire LifeBank team, it became imperative that we use our innovation and technical expertise to solve the supply chain for oxygen once and for all.

AirCo was built in partnership with Oxygen Hub, a ITT company, and with the kind support of the Nasarawa State Government.

Our commitment remains the same, to build the supply chain engine that powers healthcare across Africa.


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