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From personal trauma, entrepreneur devises clever solution

Virtue Oboro (Co-Founder, Tiny Hearts Technology)

Extraordinary entrepreneur, Virtue Oboro (co-founder of Tiny Hearts Technology), developed Crib A’Glow, a portable solar-powered crib that treats jaundiced newborns with phototherapy (video below).

When her son, Tonbra, was born in 2015, Virtue’s mother remarked that the baby’s eyes and skin had a yellow hue, and he was whisked off to hospital for urgent phototherapy care. Alarmingly, three of the hospital’s five units had broken-down and the other two were in use. When, eventually, a phototherapy unit was available, power failure led to Tonbra’s situation worsening. He developed severe jaundice, which required emergency blood transfusion! Virtue’s son recovered but the shock of the entire process caused Virtue and her husband to found Tiny Hearts Technology - creators of Crib A’Glow.

*Video courtesy @tinyheartshq

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