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Every year, Google recognises rising social innovators who address today’s most pressing challenges. From social advocacy to building AI-powered solutions, these leaders are making waves in their respective fields and working towards a better future for all:

ADENIKE ADEYEMI - a catalyst for Nigeria's entrepreneurship culture

With a bright spirit, genuine curiosity, and a passion for helping others, Adenike Adeyemi works hard to support small and growing businesses as the Executive Director of the FATE Foundation. It’s the perfect role for someone like her to combine her passions for business and social impact;

ANGELA SIEFER - paving the way to digital equity, one community at a time

Angela Siefer has an insatiable hunger to make a difference in the world – she always has. Today, she’s a catalyst of change through her work as the leader of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, an organisation advancing digital equity. She works with over a thousand affiliates to understand community priorities and shape policy at the national level;

ANTHONY BABKIN - no-one succeeds alone

Anthony Babkine’s charisma and high energy make him the perfect person to take equal opportunities in tech from dream to reality. As the co-founder and CEO of Diversidays, he works to advance equity within the digital sector in France. Uplifting young talents and challenging stereotypes is a full-circle journey for this leader;

BOURHAN YASSIN - harnessing the power of sound and AI to protect biodiversity

The planet will probably never sound the same as it does today. As the CEO of Rainforest Connection, Bourhan Yassin knows the value and power of listening in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. His ambitions were big even before it became his mission to preserve our world’s forests.

CARMEN CORREA - moving forward towards gender equity

There’s never been a time in her life when Carmen Correa doubted the power of women to make an impact. Today, Carmen works as the CEO of Pro Mujer, a social enterprise working to advance gender equality in Latin America. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but Carmen has the vision and the passion for expanding their efforts and, in her own words, ‘reaching every woman.’

JOHN CALLERY - using technology to strengthen community mental health

To some, technology and mental health might seem like a strange match. But John Callery sees an opportunity in artificial intelligence to help humans support each other in times of crisis. As the Chief Product & Technology Officer at ReflexAI, he’s bringing life-saving technology to more people.

KRISTIAN RÖNN - accounting for the planet’s future

Kristian Rönn is on a mission to enable companies to measure, manage, and reduce their carbon emissions. With a quick and philosophical mind, he’s reframing the way we think about responsible business practices in our times. As the co-founder and CEO of Normative he also builds tools to hold businesses of all sizes accountable and enable them to take action.

Each awardee will receive an unrestricted financial award of $30k for personal or professional development and mentorship from senior leaders at Google.

Says Jacquelline Fuller, President, “These leaders are at the helm of organisations tackling some of the world’s most complex collective challenges. We hope that by supporting the personal and professional development of these inspiring social innovators, we can play a role in accelerating both their individual work and the progress that their teams and organizations are making each day.”

Source: GOOGLE.ORG + FATE FOUNDATION (more details about Adenike Adeyemi)

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