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Help! Crypto 101 - Banking for everyone

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

It was both funny and serious. Readers of Bank & Entrepreneur Africa magazine wrote in to make a two-point (polite) demand: 1. Could someone, anyone, please break down the mysterious concepts of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Decentralised Finance (DeFi)? 2. How exactly can 'crypto' help achieve inflation-busting returns on savings or investments? They did not want to know about the "someone's" growing-up years, nor read through his/ her grass-to-grace story. No frills, they pleaded - just get to the point. And so, we approached Ugochukwu Aronu (co-Founder, Xend Finance). Ugo painstakingly answered and re-answered so many questions, pointing out how investors could safely and genuinely get far-above-market Return on Investment (RoI), and even sharing formulae to explain the magic of compound interest. What the B&E editorial team sometimes thought were really trivial, cringe-worthy questions, Ugo tackled with aplomb - and very rapidly, too The July 2022 edition of B&E is an 8-page keepsake, with three pages dedicated to Xend Finance and its excellent handling of 'Crypto-101'. We hope it will help ease worries about where to store money safely, and how best to retain and increase its value.

View/ download B&E - The Fintech Edition (July-August 2022)

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