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12 brilliant startups headline the Techstars NYC inaugural accelerator, powered by J.P. Morgan

Updated: May 4

Image (c) TechstarsNYC

New York, NY - Techstars is delighted to launch its first Techstars New York City cohort, powered by J.P. Morgan. The 12 selected companies are the top 1% of those who applied, with each securing $120,000 in investment.

Leading the cohort is Managing Director Gary Stewart, who previously built a European start-up portfolio whose market capitalisation grew to $1.6 billion.

Reflecting the diversity and resilience of the great New York city - 62% of the cohort companies have a Black/Latino founding member (83% from a Racial/Ethnic Minority), and 62% have a female founder - the incredible cohort of 12 diverse founders belong to the best startups in the world. They are:

  1. Champion 40A (Founder: Viola Carmona): A financial technology company focused on reducing the inequities within the lending and real estate space;

  2. Highbrow (CEO & co-Founder: Priyanak Raswant) - A curated video-on-demand platform for children’s extracurricular and educational content, delivered to any device, anywhere, anytime;

  3. Media Disco (Founders: James Allen & Joey Medici) - A platform built to level the playing field in the media industry, and simplify the way that advertisers work with media partners;

  4. Mission_Driven Tech: (Founders: Dr. Onyinye Balogun & Eve McDavid) - This women's health company, founded by a Radiation Oncologist and a former Google executive, is poised to normalise and modernise cervical health treatment;

  5. Saavor (Founders: Dr. Suneetha Thota & Vasantha Kumar) - A Salesforce-type, full enterprise solution that enables seamless management and control for campus dining operations;

  6. Shubox (CEO & co-Founder: Anthony Matos ) - Shubox makes it possible for banks to instantly assess small businesses and project future growth, allowing them to underwrite loans earlier in a business’s life cycle and measure impact over time;

  7. Storspay : (CEO & Founder: Sam Alonge) - A decentralised retail lending infrastructure platform for the Internet that enables the secure exchange of capital between investors and small businesses, in real time, across borders;

  8. SWYE 360 Learning (CEO & Founder: Jacob Makuvire): A data analytics company that leverages machine learning to aggregate both Return on Academics and Return on Investment (ROI) on all software used by students and teachers;

  9. Tattd (Founder & CEO: Laura Schaack) - Tattd empowers users to search for their ideal tattoo artist or studio by style, price, keyword, location, etc. all the while giving them the option to easily and securely book in-app;

  10. Tech1M (Co-Founder: Tommie Edwards) - A revolutionary intelligent global hiring platform that enables the matching, hiring, paying and management of talent from a single point;

  11. Voike (Founder & CEO: Jaime Jaramillo) - A music streaming platform that aims to provide affordable and accessible music streaming services to users in regions where Internet connectivity and cost are challenges;

  12. Zuri (co-Founders: Giuliana Zaccardelli & Blair Matthews) - A personal, digital fertility clinic that empowers families across the United States with information and support to navigate the difficult infertility journey.


In total, J.P. Morgan has committed more than $80M in funding for 37 Techstars accelerator programs over the next three years. This will elevate over 400 companies and their communities with customized programming, mentorship, and access to capital.

Over the course of its lifetime, Techstars has produced 20 unicorns, 109 companies worth at least $100m, and $172bn in cumulative market capitalisation.

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