Abomey-Calavi University Backs Entrepreneurship as it Joins Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

The University of Abomey-Calavi (Republic of Bénin) has become the first francophone West African University to join the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, and has received a seven-year, USD$6.2 million commitment from the Foundation.

The Scholars Program at the University will have two components: the first will emphasise access to quality education for 200 Scholars in the fields of agronomic sciences, engineering sciences, computer sciences, and renewable energy. These students will also be admitted into the university’s pre-employment service - a workforce made up of graduates from the institution, focused on social entrepreneurship.

The second component of the partnership will focus on providing technical expertise for the development of ‘Startups Valley’, a business incubator program created by the the University. Startups Valley will provide 100 Scholars with an opportunity to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, setting them on the path to successful entrepreneurship and enabling them to launch their own businesses, and employ other students.

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