A Lawyer and an Entrepreneur

Discovering Africa SMEs in the Diaspora: Ngozi Mbamali-Ozoh manages to straddle a day job and entrepreneurship. She is the founder of Franessence, an online retailer of fabrics (Indian silk George, lace, African wax print), and accessories. Location - Suffolk, Virginia, United States...

Our thoughts: Everyone knows the importance of social media in marketing their brands. But the difficulty comes in not knowing how to use social media effectively.

What we like: How Ms. Mbamali-Ozoh uses Social Media to advertise her brand. She wears her colourful fabrics and accessories, posts a few images online, and unwittingly makes a strong visual impact on potential buyers of her products. Her series of expressive colour and fabric mix ideas is a winner.

Our take: The ROI of social media can be high if you are consistent for the long term, with great content. The best way to approach social media as a marketing tool is to consider it as a storytelling medium. That means that every post, tweet, share or like has to express the personality of your brand in one way of the other.

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