Bossing the Beehive

Mokgadi Moloko Mabela is founder of the Native Nosi beekeeping company, a local brand that sells raw honey, harvested by small rural farmers – this is what makes her honey better than most brands you find on supermarket shelves, says Ms. Mabela.

“I can tell you exactly where the honey in every pot comes from. With other honeys, some other processed honeys, you can’t really tell it’s origins. It once was honey but all the good enzymes that make it honey have been removed.”

You need to understand why she is so emphatic. South Africa has two indigenous bee species – the Cape bee, and the African bee – and produces enough honey to supply local demand. Yet over half of all honey sold in the country is imported.

Ms. Mabela is working quickly to change that, and make both natural and local the new buzzwords.

Follow her on Twitter: @NativeNosi

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