Crowdfunding Startup? A First for Angola

Angola's first online crowdfunding platform, Deya, has officially launched.

Co-founded by Doriel Fonseca, the startup intends to improve access to finance for entrepreneurs and creatives across the country through Internet-based crowdfunding.

Says Fonseca: “Crowdfunding has been a driving force of creative development in the Western world and we believe that it can become an equally powerful force in supporting entrepreneurs and creatives in Africa. We believe that crowdfunding not only democratises access to capital, it also democratises participation. It’s a way to help many people to make their ideas happen, so they can create a better future for themselves and people around them.”

The Deya platform operates on an “all-or-nothing” model, which means that only projects reaching their full fundraising target will receive the funds. The startup takes a five per cent commission fee on all fully funded projects.

And in exchange for their contributions, funders receive a reward from the Fundraising project.

Inspired by the success of global online crowdfunding initiatives, Fonseca is sure that Deya's impact could be just as great in the African milieu.

Reach Doriel Fonseca on Twitter: @Doriel3572

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