If You Can't Find It, Build It!

Ever a proud Ghanaian, Miss Diana Paintin decided to return home to Ghana after over 20 years of being raised and educated in England.

Her son was 9 months old when she relocated. Desperate to enroll him in the kind of educational institution that encouraged the Montessori ethos of “learning through play”, Diana searched the length and breadth of Kumasi (Ghana) and was quite disappointed with the options available.

The only school that came remotely close to the British approach to a “Playgroup” was located too far away to make the commute.

In her search, Diana met two other expatriates whose children were the same age as her son. And, together, they formed a playgroup to educate and develop their children, using the Montessori approach.

Within a short space of time, members of the community began asking to enrol their own children. The sheer amount of interest confirmed that there was a viable niche in the market for the Montessori method of teaching. It was at that point in 2007 that the playgroup opened up formally as a school - the Little Angels Academy.

Today, Little Angels Academy is an institution that offers the highest level of education, from Crèche to Junior Secondary School. What began as a small gathering, consisting of 6 pupils, has gown into a huge venture with over 400 pupils and a growing “Pending List”. Currently, there are several projects underway to ensure that the surge in demand for enrollment in the coming academic year can be met.

Says Paintin: "What makes Little Angels Academy unique is the absolute belief in the services we render. Our focus is not merely on the academics, but also on the overall development of the girl and boy child. We realise that the task of raising future leaders to be upstanding members of the community cannot be the job of the school alone. We work closely with parents and the community at large to ensure that the children are disciplined and well balanced both socially, morally and academically.

"Students from diverse ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds come to Little Angels Academy. Whatever the difference, we do not discriminate - rather, pupils are encouraged to embrace and respect each other's diverse differences."

Little Angels Academy is located in the heart of the Garden City, Kumasi, Ghana

Telephone: +233 322089290,

Mobile: +233 247043096

Email: info@littleangelsacademygh.com

Facebook: Little Angels Academy-Ghana-Patasi

Instagram: littleangelsacademygh

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