Jennifer Uloko: Confidence, Courage, Conviction!

Founder of Yanga Beauty, Jennifer Lisa Uloko, is a graduate of Business Administration from Nigeria's Igbinedion University. She is also a certified makeup artist.

There's quite a bit about her fer online, but the key things that struck us about her trajectory (fron scratch, she built a business that specialises in beauty and skincare products) is her foresight, planning and conviction. She is a very deliberate person, and here's why we think so:

1- Every successful entrepreneur must have a passion that drives them, a staunch belief that keeps them pressing on, even when things get really tough: Jennifer says her passion had always revolved around beauty and skincare - anything that would help people look good.

2- Gut feeling. Dream execution: Deep inside, Ms. Uloko had always known she would wind up being an entrepreneur. And she showed early traits. As a university undergraduate, fellow students relied on her to source attractive pieces of jewelry, which she sold at a handsome profit. She soon became financially independent at a young age, part funding her education, while also saving investing her income.

3-Conviction: With a university degree in hand, next in line for Jennifer was a mandatory National Youth Service year. She got a job at Exxon Mobil (this was 2011), working in Customer Service within the catering department. At the conclusion of the Youth Service year, the company offered her a permanent position. She stayed on for an extra year, but during her entire time at the company, she found that she became quite the beauty consultant to colleagues. Jennifer took the cue, resigned from her job, and followed her passion: the beauty business. Family and friends tried to dissuade her, but her mind was made up.

4- Money management (plan for present and future financial obligations): While selling jewelry and accessories in school, Jennifer had put aside a substantial amount of money in savings. She began saving at 18, and years later, invested the accumulated funds in the business. Apparently the savings culture runs in her family - her mother had also opened a savings account for Jennifer when she was younger. The proceeds were handed over to Jennifer when, as an adult, she needed financing for her business.

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Instagram: @Yangabeauty

Studio: 4 Fatai Idowu Arobieke Street | Lekki Phase 1 | Lagos-Nigeria

Phone: +234 (0) 815 107 0000


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