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Wife, mother, teacher, guidance counselor and health enthusiast, Taiwo Mogbonjubola is the founder of Taé Exotica Zobo, a food and beverage company that produces 100 per cent natural, homemade healthy drinks such as the Zobo (a bright red drink, produced from the dried roselle or sorrel leaves of the Hibiscus plant).

Taé Exotica cold-pressed juices and smoothies come in six flavours: banana, strawberry, pineapple, mixed flavours, coconut, and lemon. And production is based solely on request.

Interesting facts:

* Ms. Mogbonjubola started her business with just NGN15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Nigerian Naira)

* She had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and began the business of buying and selling while in university. The spirit of enterprise - that motivation to set up and succeed in business or commerce - saw her successfully dabbling into catering, baking, and mobile top-up services.

* The idea for Taé Exotica Zobo was conceived as a youngster. As a hobby, she would brew and store Zobo juice in the home fridge. Within minutes, it was consumed by friends, family or visitors. And they always asked for more.

* Her first customer was completely unexpected. She had gifted bottles of the drink to a friend, who in turn shared with others. One of those was an older couple who enjoyed the Zobo so much that they asked to purchase a few bottles. Not having gone commercial at that point, Taiwo was caught off guard, but she swiftly rebounded, and offered a price for her product. The couple instantly ordered five bottles, paid upfront, an got their delivery in three days. That was the beginning of business for Taé Exotica.

* In the course of growing her business, Taiwo faced disparaging comments from friends, and challenges with sourcing raw materials, but she kept her eye on the prize, finding ways to get around problems and march on.

* Her clients have bonded with her based on the trustworthiness of her products. As trust and hygiene are crucial to her business. Taiwo has ensured her business is certified by the National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), and that her beverages are sold in clean, new bottles.

Instagram: @exoticazobo

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