Amazing Sugarcane Juice


Roli Okoregbo is a pharmacist turned serial entrepreneur. She founded Wild Juice, which she describes as producing Nigeria's first Sugarcane juice, recommended as a really healthy alternative to fizzy drinks. In addition to juices, her detox and immune boosting range is made into cocktails, smoothies, and slushies.

Wild Juice produces four variants - with zesty twists of lime, ginger, and Zobo - that contain 100% sugarcane juice, no water, no added sugar, and no preservatives. Clients are also able to order special blends. This business is based in Nigeria.

Contact Wild Juice: + 234 (0) 802 323 2609


To find out more about the fascinating health benefits of sugarcane juice - including maintaining kidney health, fighting cancer, being diabetes-friendly, and nurturing glowing skin - read this article**: SUGARCANE and its 10 BENEFITS

(This link is a public online resource, an not intended to replace your doctor's advice)


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