A personal experience turns her into a change agent for Africa's pharmaceutical industry

Medsaf Founder, Vivian Nwakah, is clear about her mission: to put in place a system that makes quality medications as pervasive as possible, across Africa - based on the fact that every human being should have access to safe and cost effective healthcare.

Nwakah has set up Medsaf as a technology-enabled pharmaceutical platform that not only connects high quality, trusted manufacturers to the medical industry on the Continent, but also provides important drug information and facts.

In an attempt to wipe out issues of unfair pricing, quality control, and substandard or counterfeit drugs, Medsaf procures in-demand and scarce medications, vitamins, and supplements directly from leading local and foreign manufacturers. The goods are warehoused and subsequently delivered to pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics through an extensive and efficient distribution network.

On a personal level, Nwakah was doubly convinced of her calling to help improve the conditions of the pharmaceutical industry across Africa, after witnessing a friend’s brother die from taking fake malaria medication.

Instagram: @medsafcom

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