Fate Foundation 2017 Annual Celebration: Fantastic night out for entrepreneurship

The Future of Entrepreneurship. That was the theme for Fate Foundation's Annual Celebration which took place at the Muson Centre, in Lagos, yesterday.

Under the leadership of Fola Adeola (Founder), the Fate Foundation has served as a committed catalyst of growth for several levels of entrepreneurs, especially MSMEs.

The highlight for the evening was a presentation of certificates to Nigeria's next generation of entrepreneurs, who graduated from the following FATE courses:

  • Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP) 20

  • Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP) 21

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP) 58

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP) 59

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP) 60

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP) 61

Some of the memorable quotes for the evening

Keynote Speaker - Austin Okere (Chairman & Founder, CWG Plc):

  • "If dreams are free, why sell yourself short?

  • "To reach your potential as a leader, you have to discover your passion: learn, unlearn and relearn!"

  • "The thing we fear most in life are not our goals, but our anxieties and what others may say."

Valedictorian - Vivian Ihaza (Founder, ForLoveOfMarketing:

"Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear"

Award winners:

FATE Model Entrepreneur (FME) award:

Kofo Akinkugbe (Founder/ CEO. Secure ID)

FATE Volunteer Facilitator award:

Dr. Uyi Ima-Edomwonyi (Lead Partner, Gavindra Business Advisory)

FATE Volunteer Mentor award:

Ibrahim Stone Buwanhot (Founder, Interkon Solutions Limited)

FATE Volunteer Consultant award:

Segun Abodunrin (Co-Founder, TWay Media)

FATE Volunteer MSME Hub Content Contributor:


Since the year 2000, FATE Foundation has engaged entrepreneurs across Africa to grow, by offering access to the best entrepreneurial learning, invaluable connections to like-minded peers, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that make entrepreneurship very rewarding.

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