Spectacular: for your eyes only

South African techpreneur, Stephanie Cowper, is the game-changing co-founder and CEO of BeSpecular - a startup that has developed an innovative mobile app (Specular) that helps the visually impaired lead more independent lives.

With a Specular app subscription, the visually impaired person is able to take photos of the object/situation that they need help with, send the details to a sighted person, and receive a response to their query via a text or voice message.

How did Stephanie get the idea?

The delivery of this bold, new, digital concept is Stephanie's very first entrepreneurial venture.

She got the idea for Specular app while studying Technology Entrepreneurship at Stanford University. When the class was given an assignment to develop a prototype for starting a tech company, her team was inspired by the idea of using tech to help a vulnerable group of people. Their research showed that visually impaired people - who struggled everyday with identifying objects and situations - would benefit most from a technology solution.

The need for the Specular app was further re-affirmed by the American Council of the Blind during an annual conference. At the end of the stint at Stanford University, Stephanie and her team realised that demand for Specular app existed - and that they had to act on it.

Watch the amazing video of the Specular app in action.


Email: steph@bespecular.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BeSpecular

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