Imagine...a shampoo made just for your needs!

Zahir Dossa is the founder and CEO Function of Beauty, an amazing beauty & hair care startup that creates shampoos and conditioners, completely personalised for each customer.

The company started business in 2015, with the singular objective of meeting customers' exact hair needs, based on their answers to a detailed online 'Hair Profile'.

Says Ms. Dossa: "Every single person is unique and different. We can make 14 billion combinations based on how a customer fills in his or her questionnaire. You choose between four hair types, three hair 'structures', and three moisture levels. Next, you select five 'hair goals', and then choose between five fragrances, three fragrance strengths, and six colours."

Apparently, the 14 billion potential products are as a result of both shampoo or conditioner combinations and choices.


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