Inspired agropreneur: Stella Adetunji

Stella Adetunji refers to her business, Kellas Biz Ideas, as intentional farming consulting. To put that into perspective, she will take the roughest, most unpromising piece of land and turn it into an organic source of food (see gallery below).

StartFragmentStella got into agriculture after attending a training in July 2017 that focused on organic farming in containers. Post-training, she wasted little time, and converted a personal property (an uncompleted, one-floor structure without a roof) into a farmhouse where she plants tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, cayenne pepper, potato, cabbage - all in containers. While battling with controlling pests - especially attacking the tomato plants - she developed a pesticide made from Neem leaf extracts and fungicide from baking boda, and named it Vivi Organic pesticide. Stella now produces Vivi in commercial quantity to help other farmers.EndFragment

Click here to shop her organic farm store!


Phone: +234 (0) 802 757 2761


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