Inspiring idea: app lets you buy great unsold meals at a bargain

Too Good To Go app was launched by three Londoners - Chris Wilson, Jamie Crummie and Jimmy Wu - as a smart response to the 210,000 tonnes of food thrown away annually by UK restaurants.

The idea is for the app to let Londoners buy perfectly good restaurant meals, which are unsold at the end of the day and would usually have been thrown away.

Says the app Founders: The UK is the biggest waster of food in Europe. There is this huge social injustice. We have all this surplus food on one side and people going hungry on the other. We should be treating food as precious and the most valuable energy source and not something to just throw away.”

The team Too Good To Go app launched in June 2017, in London, with an impressive 94 restaurants signing up - a number that quickly rose to to 114, with more joining every day.

The concept is a win-win for both buyer and restaurant - buyers get gourmet meals at a bargain price, while restaurants recover what would otherwise have been lost income.

At the beginning, though, the app Founders needed to reassure people that they would not be buying scrap, but surplus food.

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