Forget stocks, invest in a cow!

In October 2016, Serial entrepreneur Shezi launched his venture, Livestock Wealth, an online “crowd-farming” platform that enables anyone, anywhere - without any knowledge of farming - to invest in and own cattle.

Here is how the investment pays off: The farm buys and raises calves naturally to produce grass-fed beef.

A potential investor is able to visit the site, purchase a calf, which at seven months, is sold to a feedlot at a market-determined price per kilogram.

Says Ntuthuko: "The process is fully transparent. Calf prices are published every week by Absa and Farmers Weekly." The current going price is R7,476, with an additional monthly farming fee of R299, which includes full insurance.

Each animal is linked to its owner by a unique number branded on it, and when the animal is ready to be sold for slaughter at about 32 months — also at a freely available market price — the investor can expect to earn a return of about 15% per year.

The annual profits of the farm are shared per number of cows owned on the farm

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