Travel startup lets you book top awesome homes (not hotels) in London

London-based travel tech startup The Plum Guide, is on a mission to build a marketplace of the world’s most beautiful holiday homes, so that travelers can cherry-pick the top 1%accommodation for their stay, at various budgets.

Says founder Doro Meyassed: “For a home to be accepted it has to pass 150 criteria. These criteria, which we call ‘The Science & Art Behind The Perfect Stay’ represent what we believe are the ingredients of the perfect stay. They have been devised by collecting over 541,000 data points across 1,082 London homes (to date) on what makes this all-elusive perfect stay.”

The Plum Guide must be doing a lot right, because it has just raised £5.7m in Series A funding in a round led by Octopus Ventures.

Although the company currently offers booking solely in London, the funding will be used to extend Plum services to the global market.

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