Eniola Salu (Founder, Styles by Saennys) introduces 'Okuta Iyebiye'

Styles By Saennys - an award-winning gemstones designing company and dealer in rough stones - recently launched its Òkúta Of Iyebíye range of precious jewelry in Lagos, Nigeria.

What is Okuta of Iyebiye?

In the Yoruba dialect (one of Nigeria's major languages), 'Òkúta of Iyebíye' means 'natural precious stones', referring specifically to natural gemstones or minerals that are cut and polished to bring out the best in beauty, durability, and rarity.

Most Òkúta Of Iyebíye - stones such as such as diamond, peridot, amethyst - are sourced from beneath the earth's surface, while others (pearls, coral) are found deep in the ocean. But it is the rarity and natural flaws of a gemstone that lend it more value than unnatural stones.

Healing powers?

Each month of the year has it natural birthstones - Aqua for the month of March, Emerald for May, Diamond for April, Pearl for the month of June, and so on.

More curious, though, is the belief or folklore that Òkúta Of Iyebíye have therapeutic properties, Some of these gemstones are said to be useful for numerous medical difficulties, including controlling hormones, resisting addictions, and stabilising mental health.

About Styles by Saennys

Styles By Saennys is run by CEO, Eniola Salu. The company, which has more than a decade's experience in gemstone study, research and design, is well-known for its work with Sapphire, Almandine Garnet, Aquamarine and Topaz among other stones.

A percentage of its sales from any gemstone jewellery goes into supporting the fight against Cancer, which is the company's CSR focus. Styles by Saennys believes in giving back, and supports humanitarian causes, with a special dedication to Cancer.


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