South African takes on Uber and Taxify with scooters – after they rejected his job application ten t

26-year old Fezile Dhlamini could not get a job in the sector he wanted to work in, so he started his own company.

Dhlamini started work on his online taxi service Scooter after Uber and Taxify rejected his job application ten times.

"[Rejection] gave me the motivation to build my own door since knocking was not working," he told Business Insider South Africa.

He first started applying to Uber and Taxify in 2015

"I even went to Uber in Parktown last year where I was requesting a meeting with their ops manager so I can work with them on my vehicles I had sourced and use their technology," Dhlamini says.

"I was sent from pillar to post and never got a response from the office manager I was assigned to speak to."


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