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Nominated for Germany's iF Social Impact Prize. Featured permanently in the iF World Design Guide

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THE VENDOR PROJECT is a free-to-join group that offers Nigeria's low- (or no-) income females the chance to become part-time distributors of Bank & Entrepreneur Africa magazine.


They earn a really healthy commission (50%

of the publication's cover price) so that they quickly become financially independent.


This program is designed to help the ladies become productive members of society, and work towards a personal goal: education, family welfare, healthcare, or day-to-day living.

We feel we are nurturing a unique crop of women entrepreneurs. And giving them some dignity.

Our lady vendors serve the public from the safe premises of any friendly supermarkets across Lagos Island.

Chinyere Okafor is our lead Lady Vendor. She's a married mother of one who runs a petty trade business.

Signing up for the Vendor Project has become her mainstay.


She says: "What I earn from selling just one magazine, I would have to sell 40 bottles of any soft drink"

Chinyere is dedicated, and she makes her family - and us - very proud.


In May 2018, she started an adult literacy class (learning to read and write) - and will subsequently begin work as one of the CEO's Assistants, while still doing stints as a Lady Vendor, and training new recruits.

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